Caravan of Friendship “Green Energy”

Energy managers we were preparing from 16 to 21 September.

So the rehab visit began in Kharkiv with a tour of the 16-storey residential area, where energy-efficient technologies are used. The children were told about participation in the state program 70/30, on how residents self-organized and made their home better, energy efficient and economical.

Children also visited the museum of scientific discoveries, where everyone studied various scientific developments on their own.

The next item is the Arabatska Arrow, the Kherson region, where children began to study the energy of the wind!

Kids lived in a truly energy-efficient Hotel Arabatka Club – the best example of living with the energy-saving building.

As always, there was an active sports program: morning jogging, dancing and swimming.

The children participated in sporting sup-surfing competition organized by the Federation of Kiteboarding and Surfing of Ukraine. Volodymyr Zomariov from Severodonetsk became the winner in a three swings, and among the girls – the best was Alice Ruban from the village of Melove.
An excursion to the Askaniya-Nova biosphere reserve was organized, where the children became acquainted with interesting animals and their lives.

As a result of the knowledge gained during the Caravan of Friendship – “Green Energy”, the children were inspired and created their own idea for implementation on energy efficiency. The project was energy saving of school in Kreminna by changing the front door. Children wrote an appeal letter to all users of social network of Facebook with a request to assist in solving this problem. Children with enthusiasm and high sense of responsibility came to this practical project.